New Year’s Day (observed)

Day 2
New  Year’s Day (observed)

So apparently a lot of businesses are closed today because we are “observing” New Year’s Day… In my planner it says Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Australia are observing New Year’s Day. Last time I checked, I lived in The United States…

Anyway, since I “observed” New Year’s yesterday, I went in to work today for 7 hours or so to help pack up. Peter Pan has closed and is shipping back to the UK. It was a really fun show to sort of be a part of. I am glad I got to see the show and a meet a few cool people! I was really hoping to make a lot more friends in the process but us Box Office folks were a bit secluded in our little warm box in the front of the site. The few people that I did connect with were really awesome though! I will definitely miss the various walks of life that passed in front of my window everyday. We were in the prime location for business men, homeless, crazies, students, immigrants, tourists and any other type of person, animal or think you can think of! I am kicking myself for not keeping a journal of all of the different characters I encountered while working there. I would be a millionaire from all of the copies of the book I would have sold that I would have written about my experience working in a box in the smack dab center of downtown Boston…. oh well… Shoulda, coulda, woulda, as my mother would say.

It was a little sad watching everything come down and be packed up and shipped off. I wasn’t really too emotionally connected to the show but goodbyes are never fun for me. I wish I could’ve met more people and got more connected. It’s probably good that I didn’t because I guess that would have just made it harder when it was over. I am even sad thinking about the people who had such close friendships that had to say goodbye and that has nothing to do with me at all! It’s also a little bittersweet because I am practically unemployed now. It will be nice to have some free time for a week or so but soon enough I will be bored and I will be realizing that February 1 is coming up and I am not going to have money to pay rent. I still have the boat but January-March are not very promising months financially. I hate having to think about all that grown up stuff.

In the midst of all of the gloomy things today, I had to laugh at myself when given the ridiculous task of rolling up a GIANT roll of bubble wrap. I am talking bubble wrap on a spool that is taller than me, that the wind has unraveled for more than 100 ft. I just so happened to be walking by it when the site supervisor passed and said “Chelcy, will you roll that up?” Uhh…. sure….Needless to say, I fought with the bubble wrap for the next 15 minutes in probably 20-30 mph winds with ridiculous gusts every few minutes until one of the producers finally saw me and offered to help! He and I just laughed the whole time as we struggled to keep from flying away. I know it sounds silly, but it was extremely amusing. I felt like I was in a movie or a part of Punk’d. I am glad to say that that experience was my final project working with Peter Pan. It pretty much summed up the whole thing pretty nicely. It was absolutely ridiculous at times, a bit unorganized, and provided me with stories that people would never believe happened in real life, but simultaneously a lot of fun and a really neat job to add to the resume, although I probably won’t be adding wrapping bubble wrap  to my special skills any time soon.

When I got home, I discovered a sick husband cuddled up in bed with the animals watching anime (pretty normal night). We tried to have Frito Pie for dinner but someone burnt it (Ben) and I ended up saving the day with my famous fresh home cooked spaghetti (alright, it’s the only thing I can cook). We had dinner in bed and watched a few episodes of Prison Break. I am more than ready for that series to be over. We can’t stop watching it. We are only 1/2 a season away but it is just getting annoying at this point. The fam is winding down and my contacts are getting dry so I think I am about to join the other 3 in bed. I am really excited for another day where I don’t have to set my alarm clock! Yipppeee!!

Favorite Part of the Day: Putting on warm sweatpants after freezing all day!

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Not being able to help but think about being unemployed

What I Learned: Do NOT let a giant roll of bubble wrap sit unattended on a windy day; our stove does not have a simmer function

What I am Thankful For: The people I met and the connections I made working for Peter Pan

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow: Wear gloves!!!!!

Song of the Day:
By: Jason Upton
Always so encouraging!!!


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