Sherlock Holmes: Game of Procrastination

Day 3 – January 3, 2012
Sherlock Holmes: Game of Procratination

Third day of le blog. I am trying to have each done by midnight so that the right day is attached but  my days generally end way after midnight. Mainly because they start at noon or later. Like today. I slept in nice and late today, probably until about 11. Got out of bed at 1. On the agenda for today: cleaning. What actually got done today: about 30 minutes of organizing clothes and arguing about what we were going to clean first and how we were going to clean and then we got hungry…. We don’t really have food in the apartment so we decided to go out to grab lunch and everything sort of went down hill from there.

Once we were out we thought of all of these errands to run. A day of cleaning turned into a lunch date at Eagle’s Deli, buying a voice recorder from Best Buy, checking out some Wii games at Gamestop, buying some make up at Sephora, browsing some delicious cookbooks at Barnes and Noble and eventually ending up at AMC to see Sherlock Holmes!

I have been wanting to see Sherlock Holmes for a long time now and we finally had a bit of Christmas money to do so. After I whined for a good 15 minutes and PROMISED we would clean after the movie Ben finally gave in! What a nice husband! Although he wanted to see the movie as well… he is just more responsible than me and gets grumpy anytime the apartment is cluttered. Anyway, I am just going to soak in the free time I have without having a job a little longer. We don’t get out much and I really enjoy when we do. Plus, isn’t the whole reason you are excited as a kid to be a grown up because you get to do whatever you want whenever you want? How vastly untrue that has turned out to be. I would say that as a child there is almost more freedom than as an adult! Ughhhhh! 12 year old self, how wrong you were!!!! If only…

Anyway, we saw Sherlock Holmes! It was really good! I enjoyed it a lot. It didn’t get the best reviews and I am not entirely sure why. I thought the script, the direction, the cinematography, the art, the costumes, the design, the acting, everything, was just really great. But what do I know. The character of Holmes is just brilliant! I love how he thinks. It’s like Shawn Spencer on crack! Oh and let’s not forget the score. Hans Zimmer strikes again! Such an intense and catchy score! I was a little confused by the eastern influence in the music being so predominant, but that aside, it was really fitting.

After the movie, we ran to the T because it was 3 DEGREES OUTSIDE! This skinny white girl from the South was not designed for those kind of temperatures. Honestly, I have no idea how to dress for that kind of weather. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket and I felt like I was in a straight jacket. It was miserable! I was warm, but miserable. My legs and face are really the only parts of my body that are ever cold but how do you keep your legs warm without wearing 100 layers and feeling constricted? It gives me an anxiety attack to have that many clothes on. I just don’t get it….

Ben fixed some Chelcy style Frito Chili Pie when we got home sans the chili powder! It was yum… It was a great day although we didn’t accomplish hardly anything we had planned on accomplishing…. But there is always tomorrow! Other than my first Cirque Fitness class (which is going to royally kick my behind), there is nothing on the agenda. That is, nothing other than cleaning 😉

Oh and the best part of the day: My best friend bought a plane ticket to come to Boston in February!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait! New England is NOT ready.

Favorite Part of the Day: Finding out Neil bought a plane ticket to come visit!!!

Least Favorite Part of the Day: The temperature. 3 degrees? No thanks!

What I Learned: Contrary to popular belief, being an adult doesn’t necessarily allow for more freedom than being a child

What I am Thankful For: Having enough money to pay rent this month

What I will do Differently Tomorrow: The dishes that I put off today, work on dealing with the fact that my way isn’t always the best/only way to do things….such a hard one for me.

Song of the Day:
“Hello Mellie, Hello Lily, you are smelly, you are silly.”
A Harrell original. We sing it all the time…

***I also updated my website today! Check it out!  ***


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