Germans are Intense

Day 5 – January 5, 2012
Germans are Intense

Pretty uneventful day today… I have given up on productivity until further notice. I apologize for the amount of typos in my last post. I wrote it so late that I didn’t feel like proof reading so an apology will have to suffice.

Today we slept in again pretty late. I spent a long time reading this incredible analysis about Wild Party (I will post the link below) I am so pumped for this show! I am thrilled that the director cares about the show on more than a surface level. That sounds like a obvious trait to have as a director, but it doesn’t always happen. I also got the score today from a friend. I will definitely be spending a good amount of time with that before January 15.

We went to lunch with Drew at Pho Basil and hung out at his place for a while. Then I came home and watched hours and hours of television. Ben got Netflix working on our Wii. I was so happy to have it on the TV again that I watched it for hours and hours….and then some more hours.

I have recently had this obsession with WWII entertainment. This summer I read Sarah’s Key and A Soldier’s Wife. Both really great WWII drama novels. Sarah’s Key was actually made into a film! It looks incredible! The day I was sick last week I started browsing through some WWII dramas on Netflix and added a ton to the instant queue. I finished a BBC series last night called “Island at War” about one of Channel Islands and their experiences with the German occupation. Unfortunately, one of the writer’s for the show died and they couldn’t continue it so it was a short 6 episodes long. When I finished that series I was bound and determined to find more movies or shows like it. I landed on A Woman in Berlin. Whoa intense!!! Apparently the film was based on a book that was anonymously released in the 50s as a woman’s account of the last few weeks of the war in Berlin. It was really interesting to see that side of the war from a woman’s prospective. It was very emotional and eye-opening and heart-wrenching. The lead actress Nina Hoss did a fantastic job.

We hardly ever get a glimpse into a woman’s world in the war because those writing history generally focus on the men’s experiences. Also, because it was a German film, it didn’t have all of the sensory that American’s put on entertainment. What a crazy, crazy time! I am often drawn in by WWII stories because they seem so romantic (as awful as that sounds). The horrific events that occurred create such wonderful drama for story telling. It’s unfortunate that those events actually happened to people. I am just so fascinated in stories about or relating to WWII and the 1940s in general. I love that fashion and the music and hairstyles. I also an so intrigued by the events surrounding WWII. I feel that my interest in their stories and their times is not as a sick interest in people’s misfortune, but sort of as a homage to their lives. Being educated about it only allows us to feel more for those that were affected and are still affected by the disgustingness of war. It also teaches us today how far humanity has come. These films show how nasty Germans and Russians were during those times. They also show how human they were as well. They had feelings as much as the Jews, British, French and everyone else. Everyone in war was just a part of a long chain of people following orders. Germans had family members killed as well. Germans had no choice as to if they were enlisted or not. I have always loved looking at stories from the “bad guys” perspective. I can’t help but think about the fact that EVERYONE has feelings whether they are deemed the “bad guy” or the “good guy.” Watching these films about these cultures histories really opens doors to understanding why they are the way they are today. It’s just all so fascinating to me.

I also think I might be more German than I realize. Or at least, that minute part of my ancestry runs strongly in my veins. I have to get my intensity from somewhere. I do have my grandma Doramae’s hair, maybe I have her temperament as well.

Favorite Part of the Day: Vegging out on the couch and watching TV. I have been longing to do that and can now that our TV is working! Oh and chocolate chip cookies for dinner

Least Favorite Part of the Day: The meal I ordered at Pho Basil was really spicy. It has never been spicy before…. 😦

What I Learned: So much about the Germans, Russians and British from WWII

What I am Thankful for: Mango and Sticky Rice

What I Will do Differently Tomorrow: Watch less TV

Link to the article about The Wild Party:
Oh! And! I also got a cool new hat on sale at Urban Outfitters today!!


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