The Germans Strike Again

Day 6 – January 6, 2012
The Germans Strike Again

I woke up to reality today but don’t worry, it is only for one day! Then I’m back to my pretend world of having a job only one day a week. We woke up with just enough time to do a bit of laundry and head to work.

We had a really interesting conversation on the train about dialect origin. I am so fascinated with language and dialects and I have always thought about this: How did all of the American dialects evolve? They are so vastly different! I guess it sort of makes sense to say that when you take all the dialects of Europe and mix them all together and put them in the oven, what you take out about a few hundred years later is the different American dialects. But still, I can’t just accept that vague explanation. The East coast started off mainly British. That accounts for a lot of the dropped “R” in Eastern dialects and even Southeastern dialects (Boston, New York, South Carolina). Then you mix in the Italian and you get the Boston and Long Island lilt. Then you add in the Irish and you don’t pick up the harshly rhotacized “R’ but you do pick of the wide vowels (I’m being very general). So this is all fine and dandy until you think about other parts of the South, like Texas. Where did the Texas dialect come from? Was is a mix of the British, German, French, Spanish, and Native American? Was it something in the water? Was it because it was so hot that the speech slowed down dramatically and became slurred together and at times unintelligible? A lot of Texas has a very rhotacized “R” in the dialect. Where did that come from? It’s all so mysterious and interesting to me! And don’t even get me started on Minnesota. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to college to study these things. I don’t just want to know and master many dialects and languages, but I want to know why. What are the origins? How did water start from the the British “wowtuh” to Texas “Wah(r)tRR” So fascinating.

What was much less fascinating was work. It was a pretty mediocre cruise today. We are stuck and this awkward limbo between holiday and non-holiday land.   Companies are still booking holiday parties but I can’t sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on January 6th. At this point it isn’t too late for that, it’s rather early to start thinking about Christmas already for this year. I did a little Shoop Shooping by Cher and it was fine. My voice has been weird lately. It constantly feels tired even when I haven’t really been using it. I probably have nodes. Scheduling an appointment with an ENT is on my to-do list. I had a crazy POB group and a few boring indies, neither of which tipped at all.

I would say the most interesting part of the cruise was actually when I was leaving work. This girl was sitting on a bench at the end of the gangway and she looked a bit drunk. Her arm kept slipping off the arm of the bench and I thought for a minute that she might be throwing up. Being in a heightened state of awareness of drunk people, after leaving a  job where it is my responsibility to keep an eye on those sort of things, I glanced over in her direction to see if she was OK. I especially wanted to make sure she wasn’t a customer from earlier seeing as the boat had docked about an hour prior. I looked over at her and she was facing away at first then turned to look at me. I smiled at her when I realized she wasn’t puking and kept walking UNTIL I hear this being shouted at me from behind, “Yeah…YOU’RE cool………..idiot!” Ummm….EXCUSE ME! I wasn’t 100% sure she was talking to me because she had her phone out so I turned around and said,”I’m sorry?” to which she didn’t respond. “Excuse me? Are you talking to me?” Silence. “Excuse me, were you talking to me?? EXCUSE ME MA’AM WERE YOU TALKING TO ME?” She continued to ignore me and “text” and at that point I realized that she actually did just call me an idiot for NO reason so I asked one more time,”Were you talking to me?” And when she didn’t respond again I said “That’s what I thought. If you are going to start something, you better finish it.” More silence. So I walked away. UGH! I was so mad! Who does that!!!!! I was checking to make sure she was alright and she calls me an idiot and then can’t man up and look me in the face and say it????????? All the while Ben was not very happy that I turned around and said anything back to her. He thought I was “stooping to her level.” Maybe I was, who knows. I am not about to walk away from someone who calls me an idiot. That is disrespectful and I wanted her to know that she was not going to get away will treating people like that. I probably didn’t teach her a lesson. I probably should’ve turned the other cheek. I’m sure she is a really insecure person and was calling me an idiot because it was an outward reflection of how she was feeling on the inside for being drunk and alone on a bench in South Boston BUT I can not just keep walking by as someone calls me an idiot. Not OK.

But all is well. I have since cooled down. Ben and I exhausted the issue on the train. We also talked about how America sucks. I’m sure other countries suck too n their own ways, but as far as entertainment goes, America sucks. How sad is it that our largest import is “entertainment.” HAH! Our largest import is a capitalistic society’s hunger for pleasing the ignorant public wrapped up in a pretty package we like to call Entertainment. As much as both of our families would probably freak out, we would both love to live in Europe somewhere just to see what’s out there. Ben votes London or Belgium. I vote somewhere in France, or these days, Germany. Germany has been hitting it out of the park!!!! I nerded out tonight (as I do about 2-3 times a week) catching up on the new Wicked videos. Yes, I know…..I know…..just let it happen. I have issues. Have you read the title of this blog? But my nerdiness aside, those German Elphaba’s are there to work! And I mean that in every sense of the word. They are belting their faces and taking names. Not to mention the incredible 32 some odd piece orchestra that is accompanying. Like I said yesterday, Germans do not mess around. Mediocrity is a mere fairy tale concept in Deutschland! See below for some clips for the German production of Wicked. It will explain everything.

But anyway, at this point, living in Europe is all talk. Maybe maybe one day… For now we will just try to pay the bills in Boston and see where the winds take us.

Favorite Part of the Day: Discovering some amazing German actresses a la youtube

Least Favorite Part: Being called an idiot by a stranger

What I Learned: Sometimes you just have to add gratuity to parties of 6.

What I am Thankful for: The 6 hours of work today. Even though I complain, I am blessed to still have some semblance of a job.

What I will Do Differently Tomorrow: Spend more time with Mellie and maybe even take her to the park.

Song of the Day:
I’m lovin me some Pentatonix these days.  Their rendition of Dog Days are Over is yummy.

Clips from Die Hexen Von Oz (aka Wicked):


Here’s a little bonus: 


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