New Old Kind of Shopping

Day 14 – January 14, 2012
New Old Kind of Shopping

Brace yourself folks. I have some earth-shattering news…. I worked today! I know. It sounds crazy. All I have been doing lately is sitting on my behind and watching TV and sleeping too much. But today, I there was actually a shift to work! Ben and I both worked the registration table for a Wedding Showcase for the Odyssey and Elite. It was pretty simple and too the point. We were standing outside most of the day so it was a little chilly. I lost feeling in my toes after a while but it wasn’t too bad.

We took a trip to the North End after our shift. Ben has been dying to go spice shopping at Polcari’s. ( It is the cutest little shop in the North End. It has walls of spices, teas, coffees, beans, pasta, anything you can think of! They have the most unique things! We got five different spices all for $6 total! We scored big time. THEN, on our way home we walked through the fresh market near Haymarket and got almost everything on our grocery list for $15! The prices were so great. We got lemons for 10 for a $1, avocados 1 a piece, 2 lbs of sweet potatoes for $1.50! It was crazy! If you get there at just the right time when they are trying to get rid of everything, you can get entire boxes of fruit for $1. I don’t know why we haven’t been shopping there all along. There were also a bunch of meat markets and fish markets set up. Ben got himself a swordfish steak for $2. We definitely have a new grocery for our produce 🙂 Just the atmosphere, not to mention the amount we saved, was so much fun. It felt like being in a movie. I was just saying to Ben that it would be so nice to have a fresh market to shop at daily instead of buying meals for a few weeks at a time. Food goes bad so quickly. We are really excited to make market shopping our new thing.

Ben made us a nice dinner he has been looking forward to cooking. Especially now after all of the excitement of buying the ingredients. It definitely made cooking or rewarding. He quartered his first chicken and made and Indonesian chicken soup. It wasn’t my favorite meal ever but it wasn’t bad. Ben will have leftovers for days.

All that shopping and standing outside in the cold and wind made us pretty tired. We are turning in early tonight 🙂

Favorite Part of the Day: Shopping in the market

Least Favorite Part of the Day: My alarm clock

What I Learned: Grocery stores are ridiculously overpriced

What I am Thankful For: Ben running late night errands like getting cookie dough from the corner store:)

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow: Catch up on sleep


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