Word Nerd – “B”

Second installment of the Word Nerd series! Enjoy! Which one is your favorite?

babies-in-the-eyes is the phenomenon of seeing yourself in another person’s pupils

a bablatrice or chaterestre is a female babbler

a backfriend is a secret enemy, a pretended or false friend
(Anyone who has seen Prison Break knows this definition well)

backslang is reversing the pronunciation of words like “look” to “cool” and “dog” to “god” and “ynnep” to “penny”
(Me and my dad’s favorite past time

at early dances, sometimes a ball was thrown; the name was retained even though people stopped throwing a ball at these events

to balter is to tangle the hair

bandit is derived from the Italian bandito, literally “banned person” ; bandit’s plural is bandits or banditti

a banger is an enthusiastic kiss

a banjulele is a cross between a banjo and ukelele

banshee is from the Irish words bean sidhe, “women of the fairy world”

barathrum is a bottomless pit or hell

barber comes from Latin barba, “beard,” because a barber’s work consisted of trimming beards – and originally they also performed surgery and dentistry!

barbet was the name for a poodle until the early nineteenth century

bardolatry is excessive admiration for Shakespeare

barleyhood or barlihood is a bad temper induced b drinking

a barnacle is a tenacious person or thing

ear pain due to the change of pressure during air travel is barotitis

barter probably comes from the French word barater, “deceive”

basement first meant toilet

basil from Greek basilikos, “little king,” or basilikon, “royal,” is so named for its being used in royal potions, medicines, and perfumes

bass is an obsolete word for kiss

bastinado is punishment by beating the soles of the feet with a stick

a battle between frogs and mice is batrachomyomachy

to beaze is to dry in the sun

beblubbered is another word for swollen

the word bedlam s a contraction of Bethlehem, a hospital in London which became a lunatic asylum

a bedswerver is an adulteress

begrutten is having a face swollen from weeping

behest is a stronger word than request

a belgard is a longing loving look

bellhop derived from a clerk ringing a bell on the counter and the worker “hopping” to see what was wanted

a bellibone is a woman who is beautiful and good

the beauty of a person is his/her bellitude

a long time bachelor who is newly married is a benedict or benedick

a berry is a any fruit enclosed in a fleshy pulp – like a banana or tomato

betweenity is another word for indecision

bevy can describe a throng of girls, women, roebucks, quails, or larks

bibliobibuli are people who read too much

bibulous first meant “absorbent, like a sponge” and later figuratively meant “addicted to alcohol”

bicker is to quarrel and dicker to is haggle or bargain

bikini was named for the atoll in the Pacific where an atom bomb was exploded – alluding to the explosive effect of the garment

bidet originally meant “pony” – referring to the position one must assume to use a bidet

a British billion is an American trillion and an American billion is a milliard in England

to revolve a log in the water while standing on it is birling

bisssextus is another term for February 29 and that day is intercalary

the word bitch has meant dog since before the tenth century, but in the fifteenth century began to be used for an immoral or despicable woman

a bladderskate is an indistinct  or indiscreet talker

a blatteroon is a person who will not shut up

someone’s complexion or color can be called his/her bee

bleezed refers to the state of one on whom intoxicating liquor beings to operate

blepharon means having big eyebrows

bless originally meant “To redden with blood” as in sacrifice – hence, God bless you literally means “God bathe you in blood”

a group of unicorns is a blessing
**This is the BEST!**

blizz, a violent rainstorm, is not related to the world blizzard

skin that peels off after a sunburn is called blype

bodacious is a blend of bold and audacious

bolus is chewed food ready for swallowing and chyme is swallowed, partially digested food

bookkeeper is the only English word with three consecutive repeated letters (not including its other forms) in which omission of the medial hyphen is a practical option, which it is not in, for example, hoof-footed, or sweet-toothed

boondocks if from the Tagalog bunok, meaning “mountain” – a word misheard during WWII in the Philippines and now used to mean “backwoods, remote rural area”

a boondoggle is a task of little practical value; to boondoggle is to do useless or futile work

boom and hoist combined to make boost

boudoir is from bouder, “to pout or sulk” and originally meant a room where one went when feeling depressed or unsociable (literally French for “sulking room”)

a brannigan is a spree or binge

brit are tiny sea creatures that are dinner for a whale

to burn slightly or to singe is to brizzle

brockie is a cow with a black and white face or any person with a dirty face

brou ha ha! was an exclamation used by characters playing the devil in sixteenth century french dramas – coming from the barukh habba (beshem adhonai), blessed is he who comes (in the name of the Lord)

brumal means wintry, belonding to winter – from Latin brumalis, from bruma, “winter,” which is a contraction of brevima, “shortest day, winter”

if you have a double chin you can call it a buccula

buculets are the little bumpers on the underside of a toilet seat

a bugaboo is something which one finds terrifying

bully first meant lover or sweetheart, then fine fellow, then blusterer, then “person who harms or threatens weaker people”

bumwhush is a state of annihilation or ruin or obscurity

yes, there is a such thing as a buttock, singular



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