Project Kick My Own Butt

Day 29 – January 29, 2012
Project Kick My Own Butt 

Crazy busy day today! I woke up early to go to a “panty ready” boot camp for Wild Party. A castmates personal trainer agreed to give us free boot camp sessions so we can all look good when we have to bare it all on stage. It was pretty intense. I was having flashbacks to high school track. I’m not really a big cardio person and that was really apparent today. We did a lot of lower body/core kind of stuff which was a nice change from all of the upper body I normally do at silks. During our short break before rehearsal, I had a long lost favorite sandwich from the Real Deal: The Turkey Terrific! It’s basically Thanksgiving dinner in one sandwich! YUM!

We learned the opening numbers of the show today. Pretty exciting stuff! Within the first five minutes of the show, I stick my behind to the audience and it gets slapped. Hah! That’s going to be a fun time for the parents. I am little nervous about them seeing the show but I am glad they get the chance to come visit! It will be all kinds of awkward fun having Ben, his parents and mine sitting all together watching the show! Good times….

Anyway, after a 4 hour dance rehearsal, I was headed to silks for the first time in 3 weeks!! I keep getting sick on Sunday nights, but not tonight! I made it! I might not have been 100% after a full day of physical activity, but I was there dangit! It was so great to be back. I was worried that it would be tough to get back into things but it wasn’t bad at all. It’s nice to get to a point where you aren’t miserably sore afterwards. It makes me feel like I am actually progressing and getting better and that makes it a lot more fun. We got to work on a swivel which is basically an attachment to the rigging which makes you spin! It was a blast. If it wasn’t for my stupid sinuses, I could’ve done it all day!

So after my marathon day of physical activity, I am beat. Definitely time for bed!

Favorite Part of the Day: Feeling good after silks class

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Sucking at cardio intensive activities

What I Learned: I can take 8 hours of working out without completely dying

What I am Thankful for: Hot chocolate

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow: Probably be in pain and not as excited about my marathon day


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