Not So Tough

Day 30 – January 30, 2012
Not So Tough

If you read my blog a few days ago you probably read about my marathon fitness day and how much of a workout fiend I was. Well today is a different story. I am so sore! I hardly work out my legs as intensely as I did this weekend and now I am paying for it. Living in a 4th floor walk up has never really phased me that much but today, I am highly aware that there are many flights of stairs between my bed and the outside world.

I made some yummy pancakes for brunch today and did a little bit of cleaning before heading to work. We finally got new training manuals in! I feel like such a nerd, but I am so excited to study my flashcards. Tea nerd alert! I know that I will feel more comfortable selling the more I know about the product. I am ready to move through this learning phase to the comfortable phase. I hate being new! A guy at work today started spouting off all of this information about pink peppercorn and how rare it is the health benefits of it in the tea! I want to know about pink peppercorn! Let the studying BEGIN!

After work, I met Benni for some Applebee’s. I was so hungry today that I just couldn’t settle with leftovers and ramen. I got a nice hearty pasta and a delicious chocolate cake for dessert. I’m sure my wallet will be hurting because of it but my tummy is sure happy.

For whatever reason, Ben and I are both beat today. We are heading straight to bed! That is…after watching the newest episode of Once Upon A Time. Maybe it will pick up this week. It’s been moving really slowly. When we started the series, I was curious as to how they were going to stretch the series out to more than one season but they are definitely showing me how. After watching Prison Break where 1,000 things happened in an episode, it’s hard to watch this show where 1/2 of something exciting happens. I am really bad at watching series. Netflix has really spoiled me. I like having the next episode at my reach. I want to know what happens next and I want to know NOW! In similar news, Downton Abbey’s 3 season is being released in the Fall of 2012. I can NOT wait!!!!

Favorite Part of the Day: Dinner with the hubby

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Stairs

What I Learned: I should work out my legs a lot more…

What I am Thankful For: Chocolate cake!

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow: Wear more clothes. I have been in denial about the fact that it’s still winter.

OH! And just to clear the air! One of my previous posts may have caused people to believe that I was going to be naked in Wild Party. I will not be naked!!!!! Some of us will be in period appropriate under garments (1920s). I guess the sarcasm didn’t come across in using the phrase “bare it all” via internet. No worries folks! 🙂


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