Now I Have to Do Math

Day 32 – February 1, 2012
Now I Have to Do Math 

I can no longer rely on the day of the month to know which entry I am on. It’s a sad day in Chelcy Harrell’s world of blogging. I must actually count and/or do math now. Or just look at the previous post and add 1. I think I like that better.

I had work allllll day today from 10-4. I am definitely getting a lot more confident with the sales process. I am loving drinking tea all day. I had Silver Yen Zhen Pearls (our  best white tea) blended with Lemon Lime Kampai. My throat was killing me and that definitely did the trick! I tried Six Summits Oolong today which is a raspberry flavored Oolong and I used the Tupelo honey to sweeten it! It was a hit! I was scared to veer away from sugar for fear that it wouldn’t be sweet enough for my delicate little southern belle taste buds but was I ever wrong! All of our honey is so delicious. I could eat it all day. A lot of the employees use it on toast and in baking. I think honey shall be my next purchase.

After work I headed to Porter Square for Cirque Fit. I got there way early so I wandered around Pier 1 for a bit. I have decided that I want everything in that store. Maybe some day I will have a house that I can decorate and I can buy out Pier 1. For now I just walk around and dream about one day taking a nap in a plush Papasan chair with my kitten curled up next to me….ahhh….Anyway, class was good tonight. Like silks on Sunday, I feel like I am actually progressing and not just being ridiculously sore and tired after workouts. We did some skill training working on handstands. I surprised myself with how long I could stay up and in the words of Seth Rudethsky I “still got it.”

Speaking of Seth Rudethsky and “getting” things, I bought the new Godspell CD. I really like it! I feel like Godspell is always being reinterpreted so it was fun to hear yet another version. There are some older versions that I will always love best but some of the new arrangements are a lot of fun. One of my favorite parts is in Turn Back O, Man  in the patter section where she says, “Turn back O, man – I’d like to see THEE more clearly – Turn back O, man – for the first time I feel….wicked”  So genius! I died! I also loooveee the new Finale! I definitely recommend checking out the CD. It’s always fun to hear a fresh new spin on old favorite tunes.

We finished up the evening watching the Mavs/Thunder game…it was stressful as always. What made it better was the delicious sweet potato tater tots we had! OMG! Sooo delicious! Sweet potatoes have a way of swooping in and making things that normally consist of regular potatoes 10x better.

Favorite Part of the Day: New Godspell CD

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Public Transit…grrrrr

What I Learned: Sweet Potato Tots exist and they are delicious

What I am Thankful for: My ipod 🙂 Sometimes ya just gotta tune the world out and listen to Godspell

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow: Audition….really nervous…..


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