Not So Tough

Day 30 – January 30, 2012
Not So Tough

If you read my blog a few days ago you probably read about my marathon fitness day and how much of a workout fiend I was. Well today is a different story. I am so sore! I hardly work out my legs as intensely as I did this weekend and now I am paying for it. Living in a 4th floor walk up has never really phased me that much but today, I am highly aware that there are many flights of stairs between my bed and the outside world.

I made some yummy pancakes for brunch today and did a little bit of cleaning before heading to work. We finally got new training manuals in! I feel like such a nerd, but I am so excited to study my flashcards. Tea nerd alert! I know that I will feel more comfortable selling the more I know about the product. I am ready to move through this learning phase to the comfortable phase. I hate being new! A guy at work today started spouting off all of this information about pink peppercorn and how rare it is the health benefits of it in the tea! I want to know about pink peppercorn! Let the studying BEGIN!

After work, I met Benni for some Applebee’s. I was so hungry today that I just couldn’t settle with leftovers and ramen. I got a nice hearty pasta and a delicious chocolate cake for dessert. I’m sure my wallet will be hurting because of it but my tummy is sure happy.

For whatever reason, Ben and I are both beat today. We are heading straight to bed! That is…after watching the newest episode of Once Upon A Time. Maybe it will pick up this week. It’s been moving really slowly. When we started the series, I was curious as to how they were going to stretch the series out to more than one season but they are definitely showing me how. After watching Prison Break where 1,000 things happened in an episode, it’s hard to watch this show where 1/2 of something exciting happens. I am really bad at watching series. Netflix has really spoiled me. I like having the next episode at my reach. I want to know what happens next and I want to know NOW! In similar news, Downton Abbey’s 3 season is being released in the Fall of 2012. I can NOT wait!!!!

Favorite Part of the Day: Dinner with the hubby

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Stairs

What I Learned: I should work out my legs a lot more…

What I am Thankful For: Chocolate cake!

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow: Wear more clothes. I have been in denial about the fact that it’s still winter.

OH! And just to clear the air! One of my previous posts may have caused people to believe that I was going to be naked in Wild Party. I will not be naked!!!!! Some of us will be in period appropriate under garments (1920s). I guess the sarcasm didn’t come across in using the phrase “bare it all” via internet. No worries folks! 🙂


Project Kick My Own Butt

Day 29 – January 29, 2012
Project Kick My Own Butt 

Crazy busy day today! I woke up early to go to a “panty ready” boot camp for Wild Party. A castmates personal trainer agreed to give us free boot camp sessions so we can all look good when we have to bare it all on stage. It was pretty intense. I was having flashbacks to high school track. I’m not really a big cardio person and that was really apparent today. We did a lot of lower body/core kind of stuff which was a nice change from all of the upper body I normally do at silks. During our short break before rehearsal, I had a long lost favorite sandwich from the Real Deal: The Turkey Terrific! It’s basically Thanksgiving dinner in one sandwich! YUM!

We learned the opening numbers of the show today. Pretty exciting stuff! Within the first five minutes of the show, I stick my behind to the audience and it gets slapped. Hah! That’s going to be a fun time for the parents. I am little nervous about them seeing the show but I am glad they get the chance to come visit! It will be all kinds of awkward fun having Ben, his parents and mine sitting all together watching the show! Good times….

Anyway, after a 4 hour dance rehearsal, I was headed to silks for the first time in 3 weeks!! I keep getting sick on Sunday nights, but not tonight! I made it! I might not have been 100% after a full day of physical activity, but I was there dangit! It was so great to be back. I was worried that it would be tough to get back into things but it wasn’t bad at all. It’s nice to get to a point where you aren’t miserably sore afterwards. It makes me feel like I am actually progressing and getting better and that makes it a lot more fun. We got to work on a swivel which is basically an attachment to the rigging which makes you spin! It was a blast. If it wasn’t for my stupid sinuses, I could’ve done it all day!

So after my marathon day of physical activity, I am beat. Definitely time for bed!

Favorite Part of the Day: Feeling good after silks class

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Sucking at cardio intensive activities

What I Learned: I can take 8 hours of working out without completely dying

What I am Thankful for: Hot chocolate

What I Will Do Differently Tomorrow: Probably be in pain and not as excited about my marathon day

Cleaning, Cleaning, Lady Gaga and Cleaning

Day 28 – January 28, 2012
Cleaning, Cleaning, Lady  Gaga and Cleaning 

Today was  a major cleanfest around the Harrell house. We did tons and tons of laundry and cleaned all day. There really isn’t much else to it! I had to send in a demo today, so we took a few hour break to record some stuff. If anyone has a burning to desire to hear the tracks I can send them to you (family members aka mom). I recorded a little Gaga and Rascal Flatts then we got right back to cleaning. The good news is, every piece of clothing in the house is clean (well, just about). The bad news, the place is still a disaster!! I get a little carried away with reorganizing things while I am cleaning so I create even more work than is already there to begin with. And that, ladies and gents, was my day in a nutshell. Or not in a nutshell. I didn’t really leave out too many details. Much more cleaning in the future….

Favorite Part of the Day: Listening to some old school 3 Days to Sunday

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Spending hours and hours cleaning and still not being finished!

What I Learned: Ben said something genius yet extremely obvious. I just never thought about it this way. He said, “Think about the amount of time it took us to make this mess. It took us a month to create it, so it’s going to take a long time to clean it. Think about if we cleaned up at the end of everyday. We would only be cleaning up a days worth of mess instead of a month.” That makes so much sense!

What I am Thankful For: My precious pets who make me smile on lame-o cleaning days

What I will do Differently Tomorrow: Leave the apartment…oops

For a more interesting post, check out my Word Nerd post from earlier today! 

Tea, Guacamole and Drawings

Day 27 – January 27, 2012
Tea, Guacamole and Drawings

Work was frustrating today. I know I am still training and I know that it is only my 3rd or 4th day but I lost so many sales. I am trying to find that happy medium between pushy and considerate. It’s all in the way I am wording things. I know it will become second nature soon enough so I am not really sure why I cared so much. It is quite the competitive atmosphere so it was a little tough to be the only one not making sales. We have all been in situations where we feel uncomfortable because someone is being too pushy and I don’t want to be that person. I also don’t want to lose a sale just because someone says no once because I am trying to be nice. I am sure that in time I will feel it out. The day progressively got better. I made a delicious blend of 3 different peach teas to go it was like peach manna! It was so good!

After work I came home and made some delicious guacamole. I was a little worried that all the food we got from the market would be bad but it’s not!! The avocados were perfect. I still have yet to figure out the art of avocados. They are tricky little guys! We had fresh cilantro and fresh lime. I bought my favorite chips, roasted garlic and black bean, and had myself a little fiesta in my mouth. I think I am addicted to avocados these days. I used to hate them. One day it just clicked and now, I can’t get enough!!!!

When Benni got home from school we hung out and drew pictures. It was a good time. I am not really any good at drawing, I just like to do it. Ben, on the other hand, is great! He drew a great picture of Mel.

Isn’t he just a ball of talent?? I think so 😉

Favorite Part of the Day: Drawing time with Ben

Least Favorite Part of the Day: Low sales at work today…

What I Learned: There is a happy medium in the sales world.

What I am Thankful for: Avocados!

What I will do Differently Tomorrow: Drink more water. It might help with the headaches. I keep forgetting that tea isn’t water…


Chili’s: The Ultimate Cure

Day 26 – January 26, 2012
Chili’s: The Ultimate Cure 

Lately, I have had the oddest ailments. I have been coming down with this intense headaches that are making me dizzy and nauseous. I am pretty sure it is sinus related because I can feel my whole sinus cavity throbbing throughout these spells. Basically, any day I don’t take Claritin-D, I suffer. I also used to have a problem with my vision going out randomly. It would start in one eye as a tiny spot, then grow to a lot of spots and circles or “auras” blurring my vision and then spread to both eyes so that I was left with about 20% vision. It hasn’t happened for a while until Wednesday. It is never accompanied with a headache so I have never assumed the migraine route. Well, Wednesday, shortly after the vision mishap, the headache started. I’m not sure if it was coincidence or not. Just in case there isn’t enough going wrong with my body, my stomach has been killing me or the past few days as well. It’s been a weird almost gassy feeling but it has been occurring just below my ribs probably right where my esophagus meets my stomach…I am hoping it’s just a weird batch of food I have been having for the past few days. I am going to give it a few more days and go from there. I have definitely had my share of stomach illnesses, and they all seem to pass sooner or later. So, in conclusion, I should probably go to the doctor. I haven’t yet called to make an appointment because I am not sure who to see. My voice has also been acting up lately; it has been getting fatigued after speaking or singing for a short amount of time. I am hoping to set up an appointment with a ENT in the area. I’ve gotten a few recommendations. But, instead of getting in to a doctor ASAP, I decided that a better more immediate cure would be to go to Chili’s.

There aren’t any Chili’s that are really close enough to public transit for us to go to. Our friend Drew has a car and agreed to take us out to Chelsea just for a yummy trip down memory lane, and mostly for a Molten Lava Chocolate Cake!!!! Let’s be real, that’s the only reason I go to Chili’s. We had a good time with Drew and his girlfriend. It was everything I hoped for and more. The food didn’t really help my whole stomach situation but it did briefly take my mind off of all the other hurting things in my body.

I had rehearsal tonight as well. We are starting on some blocking, which is a lot more fun than normal blocking. The show is practically an operetta so all of the blocking is somewhat dancey, which makes me smile!

Another thing that makes me smile and makes me somewhat nervous as well is that I got a message today from a friend who recommended me to one of his friends who was looking for a female singer for a new gig band he is starting up. Though I am extremely thrilled to be thought of, this makes me a bit nervous. I have always thought it would be so much fun to be in a cover band but A) I don’t know a lot of songs… B) I don’t really have the voice to sing lead in a cover band unless all the keys are changed. I don’t want to knock myself out of the running just yet by my negative thinking, but I don’t really feel like I am the type of voice that someone would be looking for for a cover band. I can learn songs, no problem, but I can’t change my voice. It is what it is…I am going to work on some demo tracks over the weekend to send in and go from there.

Pretty exciting day overall. I am glad to have tomorrow night and Saturday completely open. It is time for some much needed cleaning around the Harrell house.

Favorite Part of the Day: Chili’s!!!!

Least Favorite Part of the Day: The intense stomach pains throughout the day 😦

What I Learned: I really don’t know a lot about pop music culture and history

What I am Thankful for: To be the name that pops in someone’s head when asked “Do you know a good female singer for a new gig band I am starting?”

What I will do Differently Tomorrow: Research some Top 40s through the years

I Suck

Day 18 – Day 25
I Suck 

I officially suck. I already failed at keeping up with this thing. It has gotten really busy around here! I work weekdays at Teavana, I have rehearsals and aerial classes at night, more rehearsal on the weekend and boat work. It’s been crazy!!

I am really enjoying working at Teavana! It’s nice to have a job where I enjoy training and learning about the product and studying the  manual. It’s all knowledge I want to have! Plus I get to drink tea all day. It’s a dream! The boat is slowing down a lot. We have one more cruise before the boat is shipped off to Connecticut for repairs for a month. Not a lot of people can say that their job is going to Connecticut for a month… Hopefully when it returns there will be LOTS of shifts! We’ll see…It will officially be soda/juice season which means lots of kids. But I’m not complaining. It’s better than nothing.

Ben had a birthday while I was neglecting this blog! For his birthday we had our inaugural Food Club meeting. That’s right. We started a food club. It’s basically like Iron Chef, but a club and a lot less is at stake. We have come up with 50 ingredients that have been put into a randomizer online. 2 days before we meet for Food Club, we select the ingredient. Then we randomly assign who gets which course (appetizer, main course, dessert, cocktail). The dish must be made with that ingredient. The first ingredient we picked was vinegar. I think we all were a little nervous going into it, but it really turned out great! Drew made a wonderful raspberry and blackberry cocktail with balsamic vinegar that I think ended up with the name The Sour Dangleberrytini. For appetizers we had Caprese salad, salt and vinegar chicken wings, spring rolls with a vinegar dipping sauce and my interesting kale chips. I burnt them to a crisp the first time around. I didn’t really feel confident putting leaves into a 350 degree oven for 12 minutes and rightly so. When I pulled them out, they were not really kale as much as they were char. The second batch turned out much better! It wasn’t really my favorite thing in the world but I think I got voted “Most Surprisingly good tasting compared to what it looked like” or something along those lines. For main course we had some fish, potato and zucchini thing that I didn’t eat but it looked really pretty, and a balsamic chicken and asparagus. For dessert, Benni made a WONDERFUL strawberry and pink lemonade sorbet cake!! It was soooo good!! Although, I kept getting crap because he made his own birthday cake….but he picked dessert! Anyway, it was quite the success and I can’t for the next one. I hope we get tea! 🙂

Rehearsal is moving along nicely. I think I am just not realizing how difficult it is going to be to learn a show I don’t know at all. It is evident at rehearsals that most people have listened to the CD so they know the basic melodies of the songs. I have no idea what’s going on. Nonetheless, I am still excited about the challenge of learning a new show. It’s just going to be quite the task. It’s a wordsy kind of show! Luckily, we still have 2 months.

Tuesday, before rehearsal, I had some time to kill and I ended up going on a bit of a shopping spree at the thrift store. I got 2 skirts, 2 blazers and a dress for $38! Thrift shopping is the best! I also got two skirts at Forever 21. I officially have dressy casual attire.

So that about sums up the past week that I have been MIA. I will try realllllly hard to be better about keeping up!

Neil countdown: 23 days!!!

Is it Just Me, or Is It Gettin Nodesy in Here?

Day 17 – January 17, 2012
Is it Just Me, or Is It Gettin Nodesy in Here?  

Now that I have a second job secured, I can relax a bit more. So today, I did just that. I go in for my first shift tomorrow morning so took it slow most of the day. I watched some AFV on Netflix, which I think is one of their better recent adds. I also watched a really interesting movie called “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman.” It was about a woman born into slavery who lived to see the civil rights movement in the 60s. It was a really interesting story. It crazy to think how far we have come and how far we still have to go. It just blows my mind that people really thought they were in the right for treating someone so horribly different because the color of their skin. How did that ever make sense to anyone?? I know that that school of thought isn’t completely archaic, but at least we are progressing as a society.

On a less political note, we had our second rehearsal for Wild Party tonight. It went pretty well. The show is so rangy. It’s going to be quite a challenge, especially when we start dancing around. Lately, I have had a lot of trouble with me voice. I don’t know what the problem is. I guess it has been going on for a month or so now. My voice tires out after talking for 5 minutes. Half way through the day, I already feel like I have been singing for hours. Rehearsal tonight was really rough. I wasn’t able to sing quietly at all and before we even started singing, my voice as already feeling tired. I mean this in all seriousness, but I am worried I might have nodes. I don’t feel like I use my voice enough to have them but I guess I am not really sure what it takes…Maybe I got them as a curse for always making fun of people with nodes…All I know is that I need to get into an ENT while I have good insurance. I secretly hope they look in my sinus cavity and my vocal chords and say, “Oh my! You have a terrible cyst that we can remove and it will solve all of your problems.” It sounds horrible, but at least it would be an easy fix. By the end of rehearsal I was hardly able to sing anything and when I did I was extremely pitchy. I was annoying myself, not to mention probably everyone around me. I really hope this whole process isn’t like this. Maybe I am just out or practice or something silly like that. I will see how it progresses (or regresses) before I do anything crazy.

Well, time for bed. I’m a working girl! I have to get up early tomorrow!

Favorite Part of the Day: Putting lotion on after shaving…sounds weird but its a great thing!

Least Favorite Part of the Day: My voice being stupid

What I Learned: Just because the Emancipation Proclamation was put into action slaves were “freed” they really didn’t have freedom for almost 100 years. I guess I didn’t really “learn” that, I knew it before but I never really thought about what it actually meant.

What I am Thankful For: Living in a world that is progressing more and more everyday towards equality for all.

What I Will do Differently Tomorrow: Work!