If I wasn’t afraid of my body, I would:

If I wasn’t afraid of my body, I would:


I would wear shorts more often, bikinis, tight fitting clothing.

I would take more physical risks.

Jumping. Flying. Falling.

I would walk around naked in my living room, sleep naked under the moon
(if it wasn’t too cold)

Tan parts that have never met the sun.

I would eat and drink strange and unusual things; things my body rejects.

Things my mirror rejects.

Things my self rejects and society rejects.


Stand Up For Love

This is a poem that just came to me about a year ago. I started writing it down on the plane to TX last Thanksgiving and then found it again on the trip back from TX and finished it. It’s sort of a weird rhyme scheme but anyway, here it is!

What if today is just a hurdle,
All these life lessons I must learn’ll
Help me see that what’s eternal
Isn’t the yesses and nos
Or the ribbons and bows
We pay plenty of dough
To dress up this mess
We call “success”
When all it is is accessories
To help us ease the pain
Please the mainstream
Is there really any gain
In tit for that, this not that
Measuring happiness in things that’ll disappear
To bring us cheer
When we can see so clearly
That material supplies will soon run out
Without out a doubt
Then where will we turn
When technology can’t hear us shout or cry
Can’t dry our eyes
We compromise
Fall for Hatred’s disguise and lies
He tries to bring us down
Make us polish His crown
But the overwhelming need for love will resound
Louder and stronger, truer and longer, right over wrong
Our true lifesong
Is to love and do so without boundaries
Can we please
Take on this task together
No matter the weather
Whether shine or rain
We can ease the pain
Put ourselves on the shelf
Forget the personal gain
And train to give love
Selflessly, ceaselessly,
Easily, endlessly
Don’t pretend to not see
That there’s good in all
Despite the flaws
There’s not a blemish big enough
To hide the law
To love, not hate
It’s not outdated
Or overcomplicated
It’s rated as the number one healer of the jaded
The giver of life, answer to strife
A quick emergency exit when the world feels
Stiffling, Trifling
To love and be loved gives us a tune to sing
It’s soon to bring
The lows back to highs
Clear clouds from the skies
Turn hurdles into pebbles
Make smiles of sighs
Help us realize
That the trials from today
Are pebbles paving the way
For us to rise above
And stand up for love.